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Dmitriy Dolovov

Dmitriy Dolovov

Engineer for the Kotlin/Native team at JetBrains

Working in Kotlin since 2018, mostly contributing to integration of Kotlin/Native with other parts of Kotlin ecosystem: KLIB-oriented resolve in IntelliJ IDEs, commonization of libraries in Kotlin Multiplatform, and now IR linker.

Partial linkage of Kotlin libraries

I work under Kotlin/Native compiler in JetBrains. And I would like to give a 15-minutes talk with the overview of the so-called "partial linkage" mode that we are working on now and are planning to release quite soon. "Partial linkage" is a magic that happens in the compiler's middle-end when it tries to assemble a correct application with some parts of IR being missed in the given KLIBs.

The topic relates to JS and Native IR backends. And might be interesting to library authors who want to know how to evolve their libraries preserving binary compatibility with other libraries.

Talk by: Dmitriy Dolovov