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Bjorn van der Laan

Bjorn van der Laan

Software engineer and trainer at Xebia

Bjorn is a software development consultant at Xebia with a track record of solidly crafted software, mainly on the JVM. His area of expertise is backend development, with Kotlin, Java, and Python as preferred languages. In 2018 he discovered Kotlin in one of the first incubator projects at ING Bank and immediately fell in love with it. Right now, he is in the process of becoming a certified trainer.

Put your Ktor Microservices on Kubernetes without a JVM!

We want our microservices to be fast as lightning, and their container images should be the smallest they can be. In this lightning talk, we see how to compile our simple Ktor application to a Linux executable using Kotlin Native. We dockerize it and run it in Kubernetes. All in just 15 minutes!

Talk by: Bjorn van der Laan