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Ben Zweber

Ben Zweber

Solutions Architect at Big Nerd Ranch

Ben Zweber is an Android Solution Architect who has an obsession with Kotlin and Android. He is enthusiastic about building up other developers and is an advocate for people outside of development picking up the profession. He has done some one-on-one tutoring in the past and came to Big Nerd Ranch specifically to join the training team to teach and learn to teach more effectively. His biggest strengths as a teacher are the passion to dive deep into a topic (to bytecode, if necessary), the willingness to say “I don’t know” with the drive to find out, and excitement for helping a student gain a better understanding of any topic.

Coding for Testability

This Code Lab is for anyone working on a project that has low test coverage, difficulty testing parts of the application, or tests that must constantly change as a result of code changes. During the lab, we’ll explore the abstract concepts, patterns, and techniques necessary to write effective, low-maintenance tests. Unit Isolation – Using dependency injection, dependency inversion, and mocks / fakes, we’ll practice isolating our units under test. Testing Internal Functionality – We’ll talk about the concept of coverage and we’ll learn how to test all of those pesky private functions without using reflection or @VisibleForTesting! Creating Seams – We don’t always get to create our code from scratch. In this section, we’ll work on taking an existing code base and introducing a seam that allows us to isolate the code that we want to test.