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Roman Elizarov

Roman Elizarov

Kotlin Project Lead

Roman Elizarov is a Project Lead for Kotlin at JetBrains and currently focuses on the Kotlin language design in the role of Lead Language Designer. Roman Elizarov had started his career at Devexperts, where he designed and developed high-performance trading software for leading brokerage firms and market data delivery services that routinely handle millions of events per second. He is an expert in Java and JVM, particularly in concurrency, real-time data processing, algorithms, and performance optimizations for modern architectures. He has been working on Kotlin in JetBrains since 2016 and has contributed to the design of Kotlin coroutines and the development of the Kotlin coroutines library.

Coroutines and Loom behind the scenes

OpenJDK Project Loom is in preview and will become stable any time soon. It offers seemingly similar benefits to Kotlin Coroutines, raising a lot of questions on Kotlin Coroutines and Project Loom coexistence and future. In this session, we'll examine and compare the goals that were put forth during the design of Kotlin Coroutines and Project Loom, we'll look behind the scenes into how these different goals translated into different implementations with different tradeoffs both in the programming model and in the performance. You'll learn which kind of applications should benefit most from the Kotlin Coroutines and from the Project Loom, respectively, how they'll coexist in the future, and where you can benefit from both of them.

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