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Dmitriy Novozhilov

Dmitriy Novozhilov

JetBrains, Kotlin K2 developer

Dmitriy Novozhilov graduated from ITMO University in 2019. He joined JetBrains in 2018 and has focused on developing the core part of the Kotlin compiler: working on the contract system, new type inferences, and many parts of the K2 compiler. Dmitry is the main maintainer of the data-flow analysis system and compiler plugins support.

K2 Compiler plugins

This talk will highlight the changes to the compiler API that K2 provides, its capabilities, and its differences compared to the K1 compiler API. We will discuss the following topics:

  • Abilities and restrictions of the K1 and K2 plugin APIs
  • Possible directions for plugin API expansion
  • IDE and Gradle integration for compiler plugins
  • API stabilization