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Chris Banes

Chris Banes

Staff Software Engineer, Twitter

Chris is an engineer who has worked on Android UIs for 10+ years, currently working as the Technical Lead of the Client UI Android team at Twitter. He previously worked in the Android Developer Relations at Google, where he worked on libraries in Android Jetpack, most notably AppCompat, Design and Palette.

Scrolling in the dp

Swiping, scrolling and flinging are some of the most commonly used gestures in mobile apps, and Jetpack Compose apps are no exception. In this talk, we will deep dive into how you can incorporate these gestures into your Compose app. We’ll start by looking at the building blocks which Compose provides us, and then work our way up to building a custom scrolling layout. Along the way we’ll also take a deep look at how you can customise fling gestures (hello snapping), build nested scrolling gestures, and more.