May 23

A Tale of Two Languages

John Pampuch

Unlocking the Power of Arrow 2.0: A Comprehensive Guide

Simon Vergauwen

Compose Multiplatform on mobile at Instabee for over a year

Johannes SvenssonParthasarathy Muruganandam

There's more than a mouse - how to truly integrate your app on the Desktop

Thomas Künneth

K2: How to make a better compiler but keep Kotlin the same

Simon Ogorodnik

kotlinx.rpc – a brand new approach for multiplatform RPC

Alexander Sysoev

Kotlin Language Features in 2.0 and Beyond

Michail Zarečenskij

Hitchhiker’s Guide to Kotlin Multiplatform Libraries

John O'Reilly

Harmonizing Kotlin codebase with Konsist

Igor WojdaNatalia Peterwas

Unlocking SQL Databases with Kotlin Data Analytics: A Practical Exploration

Aleksei Zinovev

Custom Fleet Plugins for Your Kotlin Codebase

Vitaly Bragilevsky

Simplifying Build Configuration with Amper

Márton Braun

Virtual Machinations: Leveraging the Linguistic Bytecode of Large Language Models to Emulate Program

Erik Meijer

Lifecycles, coroutines and scopes

Alejandro Serrano Mena

Generating Kotlin SDKs with Smithy

Aaron ToddIan Botsford

Guide to Improving Compose Performance

Mohit Sarveiya

Uniting Native SDKs into KMP

Giancarlo Buenaflor

The rollercoaster of releasing an Android, iOS, and macOS app with Kotlin Multiplatform

Marco Gomiero

Enabling Kotlin Multiplatform Success: The Android Jetpack Journey

Elif BilginYiğit BoyarDaniel Santiago

DataFrame: Kotlin's Innovative Approach to Data Structures

Roman Belov

Pushing the limits of the Server Side UI platform with KMP

Paulina Sadowska

The state of code coverage for Kotlin

Marharyta NedzelskaEvgeny Mandrikov

‘Context parameters’ from the language design perspective

Anastasiia Nekrasova

Kotlin + Power-Assert = ❤️

Brian Norman

Evolving Compose Multiplatform on iOS and Beyond

Sebastian Aigner

From Zero to Billions: Building a High-Performance Kotlin App in Two Months

Arnaud Giuliani

Exploring the Exposed Library: A Kotlin Solution to Database Access

Chantal Loncle

Compose beyond the UI: Molecule at Swedish Railways

Erik Westenius

It's Compose O'Clock, draw on my watch!

Louis CAD

Hacking Sony Cameras for Fun and Profit

Rahul Ravikumar

Grow with the Flow: How Kotlin Flow Became a Game-Changer for our Business

Urs Peter

Kotlin's Elegant Deceptions: Simple APIs, Unusual Tactics

David Denton

Kotlin/Wasm: Present and Future

Zalim Bashorov

Kotlin Multiplatform Alchemy: Making Gold out of Your Swift Interop

Pamela Hill

Refactoring to Expressive Kotlin

Duncan McGregorDmitry Kandalov

Tools & Techniques for Java to Kotlin Migrations

Ty SmithEve MatthaeyAnton YalyshevJames WardKevin Bierhoff

Making the Big Kotlin Multiplatform Decision

Sumayyah Ahmed

Using C & native platforms in Kotlin : Building a multi-platform advanced library

Salomon Brys

May 24

The best programmer I know

Daniel Terhorst-North

Compose UI for... a light switch?

Jake Wharton

Turbocharge Your Data: Harnessing Kotlin and gRPC to Handle Real-Time Data From Connected Cars

Ehsan MehranvariChristian Fredriksson

Developer-first Gradle builds

Sterling GreenePaul Merlin

KMP libraries evolution: format and publication model

Stanislav Erokhin

Going fast with Kotlin

Andrei Shikov

Kotlin Multiplatform in Google Workspace

Jason Parachoniak

AI and Kotlin: A Perfect Mix

Vladislav Tankov

Have your Serverless Kotlin Functions and Eat Them Too

Andrew O'Hara

A walk in the Lindenmayer fractal forests with a Kotlin notebook

Maia Grotepass

Debugging the Future: Exploring Coroutine Debugger Tools

Nikita Nazarov

Android, Compose, Multiplatform & Server - Inject them all with Koin

Arnaud Giuliani

Why we can't have nice things

Vsevolod Tolstopyatov

Write your own Kotlin lint checks!

Tor Norbye

Channels in Kotlin Coroutines

Nikita Koval

Microservices with Restate and Kotlin

Francesco GuardianiGiselle van Dongen

Compose Multiplatform: performance on iOS

Elijah Semyonov

Compose Migration Side Effects - What Can Go Wrong?

István Juhos

Kotlin/Native BigDecimal - a drop-in replacement for java.math.BigDecimal

Jan Holesovsky

Revamping and Extending Kotlin's Type System

Ross Tate

Diving into Advanced Compose Multiplatform Modifiers and Their Impact on Multiplatform Development

Meike Felicia Hammer

Free the world from wasteful scheduling with Timefold AI

Geoffrey De Smet

Crossing the barrier from Kotlin to Rust (and back)!

Tarik Eshaq

Using Vertx with Kotlin

Simon Billingsley

Using FModel to structure architecture from route to event store

Pim van Gurp

KMP in Action: A Production Case Study

Annyce Davis

Managing Complexity With Ktor

Garth Gilmour

Mastering Concurrency: End-to-End Stress Testing with Kotlin Multiplatform

Oliver Okrongli

From Code to Streams: A Kotlin Odyssey with Apache Flink

Rafael Roman

Building libraries for the next 25 years

Martin Bonnin

Tap it! Shake it! Fling it! Sheep it! - The Gesture Animations Dance!

Nicole Terc

Creative Coding with OPENRNDR

Edwin Jakobs

Dynamic Exploration of Static Analysis with Compose

Sam Edwards