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Svetlana Isakova

Svetlana Isakova

Developer Advocate at JetBrains

Svetlana Isakova has worked on the Kotlin language at JetBrains. She’s co-authored the book Kotlin in Action and now is a Developer Advocate, where she spends her time teaching Kotlin and speaking at conferences worldwide.

Asynchronous Programming With Kotlin Coroutines

In this workshop, you’ll learn everything you need to know to become productive with coroutines in Kotlin. We’ll start with the basics of asynchronous programming, its differences from blocking code, and the concepts of suspending functions and coroutines. We’ll explore coroutine contexts, concurrent decomposition of work via futures (represented by the Deferred type), and structured concurrency.

The second part of the workshop will be devoted to Kotlin Flows. Together, we’ll study how Kotlin Flows are designed on a basic level, discuss their typical usage patterns and the differences with other communication mechanisms like Channels, and even peek into some of their implementation details. In the process, we’ll see how they enable you to write safe, reliable, and leak-free concurrent systems. We’ll also talk about how they relate to and incorporate ideas from reactive extensions and reactive streams, and how they can be used together.

Svetlana and Sebastian will be leading you throughout the workshop. Roman, the original creator of Kotlin coroutines, will be available throughout to provide in-depth detail and answer your questions.

By the end of this workshop, you’ll have enhanced your coroutines-related vocabulary, understand how to spot and avoid common problems, and will be able to effectively and confidently use coroutines in your own projects

Talk by: Svetlana IsakovaSebastian Aigner

KotlinX Libraries

KotlinX libraries complement the basic functionality provided by Kotlin’s standard library. In this talk, you will learn about the kotlinx.* libraries and supplying tools, which the Kotlin team is working on. We’ll cover functionality like serialization, date/time, and code coverage, as well as other libraries in the experimental state.

This session is co-presented by Anton Arhipov, Developer Advocate at JetBrains and Svetlana Isakova, Developer Advocate at JetBrains.

Talk by: Anton ArhipovSvetlana Isakova

Opening Keynote

At the KotlinConf 2023 opening keynote, Roman Elizarov, Svetlana Isakova, and Egor Tolstoy will make several announcements regarding JetBrains' recent work on the Kotlin language. Grace Kloba will share the latest news from Google

Talk by: Roman ElizarovGrace KlobaSvetlana IsakovaEgor Tolstoy