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Martin Bonnin

Martin Bonnin

Mobile Engineer at ApolloGraphQL

Martin is a maintainer of Apollo Kotlin. He has been writing Android applications since Cupcake and fell in love with Kotlin in 2017. Martin loves naming things and the sound of his laptop fan compiling all these type-safe programs. When not busy rewriting all his bash scripts in Kotlin, Martin loves to hike the Pyrénées or play a good game of Hearthstone.

Confetti: building a Kotlin Multiplatform conference app in 40min

In this talk Martin and John will live code the development of Confetti, a fullstack conference app using a graphql-kotlin backend and KMM based mobile clients

The talk will cover

  • development of the graphql-kotlin backend
  • use of Apollo library and it's Kotlin Multiplatform support allowing addition of GraphQL queries and related logic in code shared between iOS and Android clients.
  • development of mobile clients that consume the shared KMM code (using Jetpack Compose on Android and SwiftUI on iOS)
Talk by: John O'ReillyMartin Bonnin