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Lena Stepanova

Lena Stepanova

Mobile Developer

Lena is an Android developer with curiosity for iOS. She got interested in mobile development during her computer science degree at TU Dresden and has been creating Android apps ever since. She is currently inspired by Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile and enjoys sharing her experience with it.

When she's not programming, Lena loves going on adventures, hiking around Europe, surfing, skiing, freediving and regaining strength with the best local cuisine she can find.

The Art of KMP: how I learned backend development with Kotlin and why you should too

KMP is not only KMM. You can also build web and desktop apps! And Kotlin doesn’t only work for Android, as many may think. You can build a backend for your app.

If you’re looking for a side project or just curious, I would suggest you try backend development with Kotlin. When I was starting with KMPizza I had a number of questions:

  • Is it reasonable/worth it to start learning Backend development with Kotlin? May be there is something different from Kotlin? I've heard good things about Go. Or should I rather choose Java frameworks as they are more mature?

  • Which framework is good to choose for a beginner? Kotlin Spring probably benefits from the maturity of Java Spring, whereas I have seen and heard more about Ktor implementations. Also using Ktor in the client side in KMM may be a good addition to learning backend with Ktor.

  • Any tutorials/starter projects/guides/learning kits?

In this talk I’m going to share what answers I found and how I learned backend development with Kotlin.

Talk by: Lena Stepanova