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Liliia Abdulina

Liliia Abdulina

Kotlin QA Lead at JetBrains

Leading quality assurance things and processes at Kotlin. Working in Kotlin team since 2017. Have a great attachment to Kotlin Multiplatform, an infinite curiosity about the processes' improvement and unbelievable persistence. Used to work with IDE tooling, manage Kotlin releases and do other exciting things. Before Kotlin, had a chance to work as mobile and desktop QA, so I know a lot in the field. :)

I love cycling, running, coffee, wine and travelling (especially France). Please don't hesitate to approach me on any of the matters above! :)

Fighting regressions in Kotlin

Quality is one of the top priorities in Kotlin now, especially stability. In Spring, 2022, we've launched an active work toward the regressions' prevention on the users' side. Ever since, we've put a great effort into that and have certainly got some success. Let's see the internal journey and get to know what's next on our plate.

Talk by: Liliia Abdulina