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Rodrigo Oliveira

Rodrigo Oliveira

Principal Software Engineer at Gradle Inc.

Extreme programmer and former Gradle Kotlin DSL project lead.

One language to build them all!

Are you using Kotlin to write mobile apps, desktop apps, web apps, (micro-)services, daemons, tools, libraries, or tests?

In this presentation, learn about how you can leverage your Kotlin-Fu using Gradle to automate your software development and delivery process. We’ll see how Kotlin fits the Gradle programming model, how to use Kotlin to extend the Gradle DSL, how to write convention plugins in Kotlin, how to interact with the Kotlin Gradle plugin and configure it, how to make Kotlin work well with Gradle’s configuration cache and how to share code between your production app and your build logic.

Using the Kotlin language for production, test and build makes it easier for everyone to work with your software code base. Let’s go 100% Kotlin!

Talk by: Paul MerlinRodrigo Oliveira