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Russell Wolf

Russell Wolf

Kotlin Multiplatform at Touchlab

Russell started his first Kotlin Multiplatform project the day after it was possible to share code between JVM and Kotlin/Native. He is the author and maintainer of Multiplatform Settings, a key-value storage library which was one of the earliest mobile multiplatform libraries available. He loves finding new ways to connect with this community and help people and organizations use this technology.

5 years of Multiplatform Settings

Almost exactly 5 years ago I started writing my first Kotlin Multiplatform library. Multiplatform Settings started from the simple idea that Android and iOS had very similar key-value storage APIs, and maybe it’d be nice to wrap them in a common API. It’s since grown to cover more platforms and include additional APIs to take advantage of Kotlin features.

I’ll talk about my journey of creating the library and maintaining it over that time, and some of the things I’ve learned as it went from 0.1 to 1.0. You’ll come away inspired to write a library of your own!

Talk by: Russell Wolf