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Leonid Startsev

Leonid Startsev

Software developer for Kotlin libraries at JetBrains.

I work at Kotlin libraries team for almost five years, mainly on kotlinx.serialization. I'm also a former author & teacher of an Android development course in the ITMO university. I'm passionate about writing code that will give people new possibilities and I love sharing my experience with others and talking about various APIs.

Evolving your Kotlin API painlessly for clients

If you have ever released an internal module or an open source library, you have probably wondered how to support and update it right from the 1.0 version correctly. Good luck to you - this talk will provide some answers to your questions. We'll talk about different types of compatibility and how (not) to break each one of them. Then we'll look into various code writing approaches and Kotlin instruments that help us maintain it. Lastly, we'll take a look at the API evolution process and its lifecycle: how we can add new functions to our codebase and remove old ones safely - and most importantly, how to communicate these changes to users.

Talk by: Leonid Startsev