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Harun Wangereka

Harun Wangereka

GDE Android, Android Engineer at Apollo Agriculture

Android Developer who is passionate about creating quality applications. Never tired of learning and building the tech community and helping other developers upscale their skills. I love contributing to open source projects and writing technical articles on Android and Kotlin topics. I am very passionate about giving back to the community and share my knowledge and experiences.

Transforming Farmer's Lives Using Android in Kenya

Imagine if you could change the lives of farmers using Android. We did that! This is the story of how Apollo Agriculture relies on two Android apps, entirely written in Kotlin, are offline first, and heavily rely on Server Side Driven UI to render the UI components.

I'll dive deeply into the challenges we face when developing apps for devices with low memory, low internet bandwidth, offline-first approach, and some of the critical lessons we've learned so far. This session will show how our server-side UI approach with Jetpack Compose works, the reasons that made us adapt this, and the implementation details of our stateful approach in building UI Components with compose. Additionally, the session will cover the tools we use to make this possible: an internal tool called "Choice Expressions" and an implementation of JsonSchema, both used to build UIs from a set of conditions.

Talk by: Harun Wangereka