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Nikita Lipsky

Nikita Lipsky

Software Developer for Kotlin at JetBrains

Nikita joined JetBrains last summer to work on Compose Multiplatform project focusing on Compose for iOS. Before JetBrains he worked for Huawei on compilers, runtimes and new programming languages. He was an initiator of Excelsior JET project - JVM with AOT compiler.`

Compose Multiplatform on iOS

An overview of the exciting present and future of Compose Multiplatform, including live demos and how to get started with the latest additions to the multiplatform UI framework built by JetBrains.

This session is co-presented by Sebastian Aigner, Developer Advocate at JetBrains and Nikita Lipsky, Software Developer for Kotlin at JetBrains.

Talk by: Sebastian AignerNikita Lipsky