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Garth Gilmour

Garth Gilmour

Developer Advocate for Kotlin at JetBrains

Developer for 5 years, then educator/mentor for 20. Now a Developer Advocate. Based in Belfast and heavily involved in local meetups and conferences. Outside of work, I’m a martial arts instructor and father of two.

Multiplatform Madness With Compose

Compose may have started out on Android, but it has since matured into a multiplatform framework that provides a unified approach to creating clients.

Whether on the Web, Desktop or Mobile, you can share the same language, APIs, patterns, and even custom components. Looking beyond that, you can integrate with the wider multiplatform world of (for example) networking clients, threading libraries, testing utilities, and FP toolkits.

In this workshop, we will first explore, and then extend, a multiplatform UI built for disparate environments. You will deepen your understanding, not just of multiplatform and Compose in general, but also architecting and enhancing DSLs, structured concurrency with coroutines, functional architecture, and the internals of the Kotlin compiler.

Talk by: Garth Gilmour