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David Denton

David Denton

Polyglot // Open Source // Trainer // Speaker // Kotlin GDE // Co-creator of http4k

Highly experienced Tech Lead polyglot specialising in TDD, software craft, debt resolving, mentoring and straight talking.

Particularly specialised with ContinuousDeployment solutions: Java, Kotlin, Scala, Node & a quick study in others. Infrastructure-as-code automation. Build-craft. Refactoring wizard. Legacy-code cleaner.

Co-creator of http4k (Kotlin - and recognised Kotlin Google Developer Expert.

Exploring the Testing Hyperpyramid with Kotlin and http4k

We all know that testing is an important factor in software development.


What if your tests could also work for you in dimensions that you didn’t even know existed? What if they could give you superpowers? Superpowers like easily running an entire bank on a single developer workstation, generating visual documentation of all the interactions across your fleet of microservices with a simple test plugin, or building reusable infrastructure which allow you to test your entire codebase at the unit, integration or end-to-end level.

In this talk, you'll learn about why your design and technology choices matter for testing and some Kotlin and http4k techniques that allow you to do much more by actually writing less test code.

Talk by: David DentonIvan Sanchez