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Colin Lee

Colin Lee

Senior Android Engineer at Meetup

Colin is an experienced software engineer specializing in Android development. He has worked and consulted for many successful companies, including Meetup, Mozilla, Amazon, Cray, Pearson, and Flipgrid (Microsoft).

He has been programming since he learned BASIC on the TRS-80 computer in his parents' basement at age six. He has been writing Android apps since the first Android phone launched and has done so professionally for over ten years.

Meetup with KMM Libraries

When first adopted Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile (KMM) for Android and iOS app development, we had concerns. Earlier attempts at Kotlin multiplatform sample projects had not gone smoothly years ago.

Previously, writing shared modules for Android and iOS had involved creating many interfaces using the "expect" and "actual" keywords. This meant the shared code didn't really feel identical.

This time, things were different. We found a robust ecosystem of new and powerful libraries that worked equally for Android using Kotlin/JVM and for iOS using Kotlin/Native. These libraries made development quite a lot easier than we had expected. Our Meetup for Organizers app has been a success largely as a result of KMM.

Talk by: Colin Lee