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Piotr Jagielski

Piotr Jagielski

Senior JVM Developer at TouK

Piotr is professionally developing applications since 2005, including integration middleware and bussiness-oriented backends. Fot the last 2 years he's more involved in the streaming world, deploying Flink-based solutions based on Nussknacker. He loves exploring new languages and concepts, like Clojure and live-coding music.

Implementing a MIDI player in Kotlin

In this talk I’ll show a step-by-step implementation of MIDI player in Kotlin using coroutines and JVM standard library. We’ll find out how to read MIDI files, what’s the structure of MIDI events, how to represent the melody and finally how to play it using Kotlin coroutines. This will lead us to further topics including playing external synths, changing the playback tempo, possibilities of using Open Sound Control protocol, playing beats and mixing predefined loops. I’ll end with a short performance using my live-coding music library called Punkt.

Talk by: Piotr Jagielski