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Younes Charfaoui

Younes Charfaoui

Android Developer

I am Charfaoui Younes, an Android Software Developer From Algeria. In my career, I have served in Android development roles for several clients and companies worldwide in several industries. I share videos on my Youtube Channel about Kotlin, Android, Software Engineering, and Productivity tips for Software Engineers.

Practical Tips For Legacy Java Codebases Conversion Into Kotlin

In this session, I will share some ideas and suggestions for turning a codebase in Java into Kotlin.

It may look simple by just taping Ctrl+Shift+Alt+K to turn a Java Code into Kotlin File. Still, if we want to use the full power of kotlin and steer the code into idiomatic kotlin, it would require much attention.

Specifically in parts when kotlin brings something new entirely to the table, from extension functions for utilities to adding expressiveness through Kotlin standard library functions and much more.

Converting Legacy Java Projects to Kotlin is a must to use the best of Kotlin features such as coroutines, sealed classes, extension functions, and many other features to help software maintainability, testability, and other pleasing qualities we search for in software.

Talk by: Younes Charfaoui