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Sébastien Deleuze

Sébastien Deleuze

Spring Framework core committer

Sébastien is a Spring Framework core committer at VMware, where he led the introduction of Kotlin and GraalVM native support. He is a WebAssembly believer since 2016, a Kotlin GDE and an ex staff member of MiXiT conference.

Scale to Zero with Spring + GraalVM or WebAssembly

Cloud can be expensive, complex and consume a lot of resources due to server instances waiting for incoming requests. To avoid those issues, Sébastien is going to share 2 ways of deploying your Kotlin web applications in a scale-to-zero fashion with more flexibility than Serverless platforms like Amazon Lambda.

Sébastien will talk about the GraalVM native support introduced by Spring Boot 3.0 which allows you to compile your Kotlin/JVM applications into a native executables that start instantly, have a reduced memory consumption and can produce optimized container images.

But Sébastien is also exploring how WebAssembly could be used instead of traditional container images as a way to deploy Kotlin workloads to the Cloud and the Edge in a scale-to-zero fashion. This is possible with Kotlin/Wasm, the incubating Kotlin support for WebAssembly initially designed to run in the browser.

You will see it in action combined with KoWasm, an experimental project created by Sébastien, in order to build server-side applications leveraging WASI (Web Assembly System Interface).

Talk by: Sébastien Deleuze