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Mike Hearn

Mike Hearn

Founder of Hydraulic

Mike Hearn was one of the earliest adopters of Kotlin, having used pre-1.0 milestone builds. He led the development of Corda, a project that as one of the very first enterprise codebases to use Kotlin introduced the language to many developers across the financial and banking industries. Before that he was one of the first ever users of Bitcoin, making his first transaction in April 2009, and spent several years working on its protocol, mobile wallets and smart contract features. He also spent eight years at Google where he led the development of their primary bot detection platform, and the account anti-hijacking system. He lives in Switzerland with his fiancé.

Direct2DB: Radically simplified app architecture with Kotlin

In this talk I'll argue that the combination of Kotlin, Jetpack Compose Multiplatform and a new product (Hydraulic Conveyor) makes it realistic to radically simplify the design of typical database apps. In the Direct2DB model there are no web servers, load balancers or REST APIs. Instead you ship JVM desktop and mobile apps that connect directly to the relational database using JDBC. The database provides the RPC protocol, result streaming, user authentication and more. Kotlin and Jetpack Compose are used for all the client side logic, and finally, Conveyor makes packaging and updating the results as easy as with a web app. I'll show an app written this way, discuss the advantages and disadvantages and outline the next steps for this design.

Talk by: Mike Hearn