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Victor Kropp

Victor Kropp

Toolbox App Team Lead at JetBrains

Victor is Toolbox App Team Lead at JetBrains, where he participated in many projects including ReSharper, dotCover, Hub, Toolbox App and other. In his free time Victor runs marathons and long-distance triathlons or hikes in the Alps with his family.

You can do desktop too!

Not everyone does server-side or mobile. Many developers still create desktop applications. And struggle to make them available across all major operating systems. We've been in the same boat several years ago and chose browser-based UI for the Toolbox App. Fast-forward in 2021, we converted our app to Kotlin and Compose Multiplatform. If only we had them available right from the start! In my talk I share lessons we learned migrating the application on-the-fly while being the first users of the new UI framework at the same time, and provide tips and tricks on how to start new desktop application these days (spoiler alert: with Kotlin and Compose)

Talk by: Victor Kropp