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Vladimir Dolzhenko

Vladimir Dolzhenko

Technical Lead for the IntelliJ IDEA Kotlin plugin at JetBrains

I used to be a Java developer about 10 years in past. Worked in the finance area on time critical applications. Performance engineer in IntelliJ Kotlin plugin team since 2019.

How we’re improving performance of IntelliJ IDEA Kotlin plugin

In this talk, I’ll share the challenges we’ve faced and overcome in improving the performance of the Kotlin plugin for IntelliJ IDEA. I’ll provide the technical details on how the IDE works under the hood, including such features as “Find usages”, and code highlighting. I’ll talk about why your IDE might freeze sometimes, and I’ll explore the complexities of supporting Kotlin/Java interop. We’ll also discuss our next big initiative, the Kotlin plugin that uses the K2 compiler, and how it should significantly improve the performance of many IDE features.

Talk by: Vladimir Dolzhenko