April 13
Adopting Kotlin at Google scale
Jeffrey van GoghJohn Pampuch
Kotlin & Functional Programming: pick the best, skip the rest
Urs Peter
Exploring the Testing Hyperpyramid with Kotlin and http4k
David DentonIvan Sanchez
Coroutines Beyond Concurrency
Alex Semin
Spring + Kotlin = Modern + Reactive + Productive
Josh LongJames Ward
Dissecting Kotlin: Unsealing the Sealed, the SAM, and Other Syntax
Huyen Tue Dao
Arrow 2.0's Trajectory
Simon Vergauwen
Crash Course on the Kotlin Compiler
Amanda Hinchman-Dominguez
Kotlin Multiplatform Conversions at Android Jetpack Scale
Dustin LamJames Ward
Meta-programming with KSP and Kotlin compiler plugins
Tadeas Kriz
Replacing SQL with Kotlin's 'dataframe' on the Las Vegas Strip
Andrew Goldberg
The Layout Animations Show
Nicole Terc
Confetti: building a Kotlin Multiplatform conference app in 40min
John O'ReillyMartin Bonnin
Untangling Coroutine Testing
Márton Braun
7±2 things you didn't know about Exposed
Alexey Soshin
Showkase: Automated UI Infrastructure in Jetpack Compose using KSP
Vinay Gaba
Interstellar social simulation framework and game development in Kotlin
Kwun Hang Lai
Compose Multiplatform on iOS
Sebastian AignerNikita Lipsky
Practical Tips For Legacy Java Codebases Conversion Into Kotlin
Younes Charfaoui
Writing backend APIs in a functional programming style
James Lamine
How we test concurrent algorithms in Kotlin Coroutines
Nikita Koval
Reflections on a Year of Compose
Christina Lee
Scale to Zero with Spring + GraalVM or WebAssembly
Sébastien Deleuze
Declarative Test Setup
Brian Norman
Adventures building a Kotlin Multiplatform Benchmarking Library
Rahul Ravikumar
The Changing Grain of Kotlin
Nat PryceDuncan McGregor
Kotlin likes to Demoparty
Etienne Caron
Meetup with KMM Libraries
Colin Lee
Transforming Farmer's Lives Using Android in Kenya
Harun Wangereka