Where are my tickets?

No need for actual tickets! We have you (and any others you have registered) listed in our registration records. You’ll just need to show us a photo ID on the day of registration and you’re set. Remember, if you purchased under Academia, to bring along your academic ID.

To see who is registered under your order, please click on the link included in your registration confirmation email (subject is “Your order: #####” - please note the # symbols refer to your order code).

How can I get an invoice for my registration?

Simply go to your order with the link provided in your confirmation email (subject is “Your order: #####” - please note the # symbols refer to your order code). Then, scroll to the bottom of the page and you’ll see a section on the bottom left titled “Invoices”. Click on the link for your invoice number and pretix will generate an invoice for you to download.

I can’t find my registration confirmation. How do I get it?

Don’t worry! Just visit pretix.eu/kotlinconf/2018/resend/ and enter the email address you used to register.

I forgot to apply a voucher... Can you help?

Please email info@kotlinconf.com with your registration order code along with the voucher you wanted to apply.

A group of us from one company want to attend. Do you have a group discount available?

It’s great to be able to attend a conference with your colleagues and we’d be happy to help make that possible! Please email info@kotlinconf.com with how many folks from your organization would like to attend and we can provide a discount code for you to use when registering. Group discounts are not available during Super Early Bird or Early Bird registrations. A minimum of 5 people from the same company are required to qualify for a group discount.

I can’t pay via credit card - what should I do?

We are unfortunately unable to accept payment via bank transfer or other methods for registrations of fewer than 5 individuals. Please contact info@kotlinconf.com if you would like to register more than 5 folks or if you have any questions.

I have questions about VAT being applied to my registration.

Our listed prices are exclusive of VAT.

For Dutch companies paying for the conference ticket, reverse charge applies. For everyone else (including individual customers and those from organizations outside of the Netherlands), tickets are subject to 21% VAT.

Are there any recommended Hotels?

Please check the Venue page for information about Hotel offerings