John O'Reilly | KotlinConf 2024, May 22–24, Copenhagen
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John O'Reilly

John O'Reilly

Android Software Engineer @ Neat

John is a Kotlin GDE that has been developing Android apps since 2010. He worked on server side Java applications in the 2000s and desktop clients in the 1990s. He's also been exploring and advocating for all things Kotlin Multiplatform since 2018.

Hitchhiker’s Guide to Kotlin Multiplatform Libraries

This talk will use the various Kotlin Multiplatform (KMP) samples I've been working on over the last 5+ years to provide a guided tour of a number of the key libraries used within them.

It will include overview and examples of the following KMP/CMP libraries:

  • Persistence: SQLDelight, Realm, Apollo Kotlin, Jetpack Room, Multiplatform Settings, Jetpack DataStore
  • Remote API requests: Ktor, Apollo Kotlin
  • Dependency Injection: Koin
  • ViewModel/Component sharing: KMM-ViewModel, Jetpack ViewModel, Decompose
  • Navigation: Voyager, Jetpack Navigation
  • Swift/Kotlin interop: KMP-NativeCoroutines, SKIE
  • Packaging: Multiplatform Swift Package, KMMBridge
  • Compose UI Multiplatform: Window Size Class, Markdown Renderer, Coil, KoalaPlot, Compose on iOS

It will also cover examples from the various clients which were developed using:

  • SwiftUI (on iOS, watchOS, and macOS)
  • Jetpack Compose (on Android and Wear OS)
  • Compose Multiplatform on Desktop, Web (using Wasm) and iOS (also includes examples of sharing Compose UI across multiple platforms).