Alexander Sysoev | KotlinConf 2024, May 22–24, Copenhagen
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Alexander Sysoev

Alexander Sysoev

Software developer at JetBrains

Alex is a Software Developer at JetBrains, who is working on creating new RPC library for Kotlin and improving existing functionality in the Ktor framework. Already in University, Alex became a Kotlin enthusiast, who is passionate about inventing new ways how to use the language in different projects.

kotlinx.rpc – a brand new approach for multiplatform RPC

kotlinx.rpc is a multiplatform library that allows its users to easily set up RPC (Remote Procedure Calls) services for their needs.

The library is purely Kotlin, and that is more than just being written in Kotlin - we use language constructs to represent the work with the network and services. For example, we use Kotlin interfaces to declare a service and then we use its implementation to provide server functionality. This makes the setup very straightforward and also works for seamless navigation in your IDE. We utilize the power of Kotlin Multiplatform to provide the best code-sharing experience. We use coroutines to make network calls and manage request lifecycles. We forward exceptions from the server and form the stacktrace as there were no intermediate steps in between. And many more.

This talk will familiarize the audience with the library and give the knowledge of how to start using the library in their projects, making their network code even more concise and easy to understand. The audience will have a brief knowledge of how it all works internally without the need to dive deep into the source code.