Nat Pryce | KotlinConf 2024, May 22–24, Copenhagen
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Nat Pryce

Nat Pryce

Consulting developer

Nat has been programming for years, in various languages, platforms, application domains and industries.

Mastering Kotlin Refactoring – Tools and Techniques

The needs of a codebase change over time. We have to implement new features that weren’t anticipated when the product was first designed, changing existing code to model a combination of old and new behaviors. Refactoring is an essential skill that allows us to accommodate new requirements without ever-increasing complexity.

Duncan McGregor and Nat Pryce are authors of the book “Java to Kotlin: A Refactoring Guidebook”. Join them in this workshop to continue the journey. Together, you will refactor a web application from Kotlin to even better Kotlin, combining language features to ensure greater type safety, more explicit data flow, and a clear architecture.

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to:

  • Master the IntelliJ Platform’s Kotlin refactoring tools.
  • Devise a test strategy to safely refactor with confidence.
  • Plan multistep refactorings so that code continues to build and run.
  • Migrate from mutable objects to immutable data classes, functions, and state machines modeled with sealed class hierarchies.
  • Migrate a layered or Hexagon software architecture to - Functional Core, Imperative Shell.
  • Use AI to improve refactoring productivity.