Brian Norman | KotlinConf 2024, May 22–24, Copenhagen
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Brian Norman

Brian Norman

Kotlin Compiler Core at JetBrains

Brian Norman has been writing Kotlin in many different areas across the Kotlin ecosystem for years, but may be most known for his work on Kotlin compiler plugins. In 2023, he joined the Kotlin Compiler Core team at JetBrains, working on the new K2 compiler frontend.

Kotlin + Power-Assert = ❤️

Kotlin 2.0 will ship with a new, experimental, compiler plugin that enables power-assert style diagrams on assert calls. But I hear you asking: What are power-assert diagrams? How do I use this compiler plugin? What about other function calls? Well have I got answers for you!

Join me to see how the power-assert compiler plugin can make your testing easier. How you can enable this plugin on your project and maybe even use your existing assertion library. And even some other ways you can use this plugin outside of tests!