Nicole Terc | KotlinConf 2024, May 22–24, Copenhagen
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Nicole Terc

Nicole Terc

Android Tech Lead @ HubSpot

Android GDE, Boardgame lover, videogame addict and origami enthusiast, Nicole self taught herself to code and has been fooling around with the Android ecosystem for more than 10 years. She has participated in a diverse variety of projects for several clients around the world, including video streaming, news, social media and public transport applications. Regardless of what the current adventures have taken her, she loves finding time to play with new things and share her experience :)

Tap it! Shake it! Fling it! Sheep it! - The Gesture Animations Dance!

Let's have fun with animations, gestures and sensors!

Using Compose Multiplatform, we'll go over how to create animations using gestures and sensor events for Android & iOS. We'll cover some basics like how to get the device motion and position information, how to track gestures in the screen, and how you can combine them with animations to have fun!

After this talk, you'll have a better understanding on how to use the sensor frameworks, how to make your own gesture effects, and how to create interesting animations in an easy way.

Keep it fun, keep it animated!