Chantal Loncle | KotlinConf 2024, May 22–24, Copenhagen
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Chantal Loncle

Chantal Loncle

Software Developer, JetBrains

As a Software Developer in the Exposed team at JetBrains, Chantal has been working on maintaining and enhancing the database access library since early 2023.

Exploring the Exposed Library: A Kotlin Solution to Database Access

Exposed is a database access library built with Kotlin that serves as an abstraction layer providing multiple database connectivity options. In addition to reducing the boilerplate code necessary to interface with a database, the library ensures type-safe SQL and reliable interactions as a seamless extension of a Kotlin developer’s code.

This talk ultimately seeks to provide Kotlin developers with a basic understanding of the current state of the Exposed library and its core functionality. We'll introduce the necessary configuration for a database connection, followed by an insight into the concept of transactions and their managers. We'll then examine schema definition, which will lead into an exploration of the different approaches for defining and manipulating relational data: the domain-specific language approach, the data access object pattern, and using plain SQL.

Lastly, to give perspective on the extended capabilities of Exposed, we’ll lightly touch on topics geared towards enabling a tailored developer experience, such as: user-defined column types and functions; custom extensions for controlled SQL query building; and statement lifecycle interceptors.