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Duncan McGregor

Duncan McGregor

Just zis guy, you know

Duncan has been programming professionally for 25 years. He was lucky enough to ride the Object-Oriented wave of the 90s, the Agile wave of the 00s, and what he is convinced will be called the Distributed-Functional wave of the, erm 10s.

Kotlin TDD Masterclass

In this hands-on Test-Driven Development workshop, we’ll lead the group through building a small application from the ground up. We’ll explore what Kotlin brings to TDD, and what TDD brings to Kotlin. How does a functional style affect testing and design? Can we avoid mocking, and should we? What role does the type system play when we have tests? Join us and find out.

Nat Pryce and Duncan McGregor are the authors of Java To Kotlin, A Refactoring Guidebook, published by O'Reilly. Nat is also the co-author of the highly influential Growing Object-Oriented Software Guided by Tests. Between them they have written thousands of lines of sweet test-driven code in applications including finance, fashion, set-top boxes, video editing, motorsport, satellite data distribution, academic publishing and climate science. Since adopting the language in 2016, they have introduced Kotlin to development teams in London and around the world through consultancy, conference talks, videos and workshops.