Simon Vergauwen | KotlinConf 2024, May 22–24, Copenhagen
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Simon Vergauwen

Simon Vergauwen

Principal Engineer at Xebia & Arrow (OSS) Maintainer

Software engineer from Antwerp, Belgium. Interested in everything functional, and Kotlin. Loves OSS, snowboarding and Fallout.

Functional Programming in Kotlin

Functional programming has been on the rise, given its advantages in code readability and maintenance. In this workshop, we’ll look at concepts from functional programming that are directly applicable to Kotlin code. We’ll use Arrow as a supporting library, which includes many useful types and extensions to make a functional style even more pleasant. This workshop covers:

  • How to model your domain using hierarchies of data classes.
  • The importance of immutability and how it impacts your code style.
  • How to approach validation in a more composable way.
  • Keeping track of contexts and side effects.
  • Making asynchronous code more resilient with Arrow Fx.

Unlocking the Power of Arrow 2.0: A Comprehensive Guide

We’ll dive into Arrow 2.0, a transformative update to Kotlin's functional programming landscape. Join the maintainer for an enlightening tour of Arrow 2.0's advancements, including typed error handling for safer code, seamless integration with Kotlin Coroutines for concurrent programming, resilient programming techniques, and elegant approaches to working with immutable data structures. Arrow 2.0 represents a significant milestone in our journey to make Functional Programming in Kotlin truly idiomatic, simple, and elegant to empower developers to write expressive, efficient, and reliable code. Whether you're a seasoned functional programmer or a Kotlin enthusiast, this session promises practical insights into mastering Arrow 2.0 and navigating the functional frontier in Kotlin.