Become Crew

KotlinConf is a software conference focused on the Kotlin Programming Language, covering all platforms including server-side, desktop, web and mobile.

We are looking for volunteers that will help us make this the best KotlinConf possible. We want people who are keen on joining a great conference team, together with being interested in meeting their future employers, networking, and of course be passionate about the technology and knowledge being shared at KotlinConf.

As a KotlinConf Crew member, you will have a shift for up to 12 hours during the conference, helping with practical work (session monitors, info desk helpers, etc), and in return, you will get to attend the conference sessions and social events for free.

If you are excited about joining the first edition of KotlinConf, all you need to do is fill out the following form and we will contact you soon.

call for crew is now closed