Natalia Peterwas | KotlinConf 2024, May 22–24, Copenhagen
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Natalia Peterwas

Natalia Peterwas

Kotlin developer

Natalia is a passionate Kotlin developer. Her journey with Kotlin has allowed her to pioneer innovative solutions to enhance codebase integrity and enforce coding standards across Kotlin projects. She has been crucial in the development of the Konsist library from the start. Natalia's passion for sleek and effective coding drives her to explore new frontiers in programming.

Harmonizing Kotlin codebase with Konsist

Jane had always been passionate about coding, and the opportunity to work as a Kotlin developer was a dream come true. Shortly after starting a new job, Jane was assigned her first significant task: adding a new use case to the project. Excitement bubbled within her. This was a chance to prove herself, to make a meaningful impact. The task seemed straightforward enough, but she wanted to make sure she aligned her work with the established patterns of the project codebase. So, Jane began exploring the existing use cases, opening file after file, and digging into the structures and logic. She expected to find a consistent pattern in the project codebase, something that would guide her in crafting the new use case. But what she found was a bit overwhelming — every use case was different…

We've all been in this situation — stepping into a new project and taking a moment to build a mental picture of the project. The project's complexity is often attributed to a code base that's riddled with inconsistencies, tangled connections, and disarray.

What if we could quickly create rules for guarding project consistency? Imagine being able to swiftly enforce coding standards tailored to your project and modify them with ease when necessary.

Embark on a journey with Konsist: the next-generation structural linter destined to revolutionize Kotlin code consistency. Imagine a tool so sharp, it transforms your coding conventions into a symphony of synchronized tests. Konsist goes beyond standard linting tools; Konsist is your bespoke guardian of tailored code quality.

Konsist unparalleled flexibility allows you to customize checks and conventions to fit the unique style of your project, whether it's enterprise-scale, open-source, or the next disruptive tech innovation.

Join us as we explore Konsist's unique features and demonstrate how Konsist can automate codebase consistency checks like never before. Unlock the potential of uniform coding practices; learn how Konsist can be the cornerstone of maintaining a Konsistent codebase.