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Kevin Galligan

Kevin Galligan

Partner at Touchlab

Kevin Galligan is a Partner at Touchlab. He has 20 years of professional software development experience, and has been working on Android since the first public platform release. Kevin is currently focused on developing and evangelizing Kotlin multiplatform native tools for the next generation of mobile development.

Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile for Teams

Touchlab has spent the past few years integrating KMM into various apps. The most simple observation we've taken away from that experience is that different teams approach KMM in different ways. What works well for small teams may be different than for larger teams. What works well for greenfield apps may be different than for existing app projects. In this session, we'll cover these different integration approaches. We'll also discuss tooling options, iOS-side API design tips, developer workflows with shared code, and some thoughts on how to present KMM to a team that may not know it needs it (yet!)

Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile in Production

Samples and tutorials are a great way to get started, but actually integrating Kotlin Multiplatform into a production environment with platform-specific teams requires more. In this workshop, you’ll learn about the various concerns that emerge when putting Kotlin Multiplatform into production, and we’ll work through some hands-on examples that address these concerns. We’ll cover the following topics:

Build system and tooling integration iOS-side SDK design Team structure and "who writes Kotlin?" iOS package managers and binary distribution Modularization and "what to share?" Binary size impact Performance considerations Having worked with engineering teams of all sizes on this, we know that what works for a team of two does not always work for a team of twenty (or more). In a professional environment, advanced knowledge and preparation is the best path to Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile success. You will leave this workshop with that knowledge and preparation.

This workshop is primarily for developers with at least a basic working knowledge of Kotlin Multiplatform for native mobile. If you are new or want a refresher on the technology, please go through our ‘Getting Started Basics’ section of KaMP Kit, as this will be the project and configuration of reference in the workshop.