Arnaud Giuliani | KotlinConf 2024, May 22–24, Copenhagen
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Arnaud Giuliani

Arnaud Giuliani

Cofounder of Kotzilla - Koin Project Lead

Software developer for more than 15 years. Works mainly as a Senior Android developer and keeps hands in backend gears, for big companies as well as startups. Speaker since 2016 for topics such Kotlin, Android Architecture & Koin. Google Developer Expert for Kotlin since 2020.

In 2017, Arnaud launched Koin (, a lightweight dependency injection framework for Kotlin.

Android, Compose, Multiplatform & Server - Inject them all with Koin

Whether you're crafting a modern Android app with Jetpack Compose, extending your codebase across iOS and desktop environments through Kotlin Multiplatform, or even orchestrating layers of components on server side with Ktor, Koin emerges as the central integration platform.

Join me for this session through the wide Kotlin landscape and see how Koin, the well-known Kotlin dependency injection open-source framework, seamlessly integrates across the entire ecosystem.

We'll discover upcoming features of Koin 4.0. Get ready for a great journey into the present and future of Kotlin development with Koin!

From Zero to Billions: Building a High-Performance Kotlin App in Two Months

Join us as we unravel the journey of building a Kotlin app capable of handling billions of events in just two months. Within weeks of our first client using the SDK, we found ourselves analyzing approximately 5 terabytes of data.

The challenge was immense: how to store this vast amount of data without skyrocketing cloud consumption? Which data to retain and which to discard? How to ensure the frontend performance remains unaffected while loading pages?

Thanks to the flexibility of the Google Cloud Platform, we were able to design an infrastructure that is as reliable as it is scalable. But the work didn't stop there. We had to simultaneously develop new features.

In this presentation, we'll share the technology choices we made that enabled us to deliver quickly. We'll delve into our use of Ktor, Exposed, and Koin for our Kotlin web application development.

Join us to learn how we navigated these (crazy) challenges and successfully delivered a high-performing, data-intensive application.