Louis CAD | KotlinConf 2024, May 22–24, Copenhagen
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Louis CAD

Louis CAD

Amande - Founder

I love reliable, efficient, and fun things. Kotlin is my go-to tool to achieve that in software projects since 2016.

I maintain a few successful open source projects like refreshVersions and Splitties, while seeking new problems to solve with new libraries.

Always trying to innovate, I am interested in a lot of technical subjects of all scales, and how they are linked, directly or not.

I also specifically love commuting by recumbent bike, velomobiles, and lego technic.

It's Compose O'Clock, draw on my watch!

Compose Canvas APIs are a simple and powerful foundation to draw and animate nice things. If you didn't try those yet, you might be missing out!

Also, now, with Compose O'Clock, we can render to a watch face on any smartwatch running Wear OS.

In this talk, you'll see short snippets to draw the time in many different, and, hopefully beautiful ways, using simple and short building blocks from Compose Canvas, or built on top of it.

Hopefully, it inspires you to draw nice things you didn't know you could, whatever your target platform is, thanks to Compose now being Multiplatform!