Edwin Jakobs | KotlinConf 2024, May 22–24, Copenhagen
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Edwin Jakobs

Edwin Jakobs

Principal developer of OPENRNDR

Edwin Jakobs is a developer and a designer with a strong interest in computational and generative methods. He is one of the founding partners of RNDR, a studio for interactive design based in The Hague. Edwin is the lead developer of OPENRNDR an open source framework for creative coding.

Creative Coding with OPENRNDR

OPENRNDR is an opensource library that transforms Kotlin into an accelerator for creative coding. OPENRNDR was initially developed to support production work for a creative practice but is now used by a small community of designers and artists. The library has also found its way into education and is used as a tool to teach programming to creatives.

Creative coding is programming software while using computation as a medium for expression. This software is often of a real-time, interactive and audiovisual nature. OPENRNDR offers many tools that help to manage the complexities of such software.

By using Kotlin's scripting engine OPENRNDR can be used as a live coding environment in which the write-compile-see cycle is eliminated. Live coding is a valuable tool for teaching, sketching and prototyping software.