Marco Gomiero | KotlinConf 2024, May 22–24, Copenhagen
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Marco Gomiero

Marco Gomiero

Senior Android Developer @ Airalo - Kotlin GDE

Marco is an Android engineer, currently working at Airalo. He is a Google Developer Expert for Kotlin, he loves Kotlin and he has experience with native Android and native iOS development, as well as cross-platform development with Flutter and Kotlin Multiplatform.

In his spare time, he writes and maintains open-source code, he shares his dev experience by writing on his blog, speaking at confs and organizing events with the Google Developer Group Venezia and he plays basketball.

The rollercoaster of releasing an Android, iOS, and macOS app with Kotlin Multiplatform

With the rise of Kotlin Multiplatform, the possibility of expanding to multiple platforms has increased, especially for Android Developers. It's easier than before to build for other platforms.

But how to release your app to multiple platforms?

In this talk, I will share all the things I've learned around distributing FeedFlow, an Android, iOS, and macOS app built with Kotlin Multiplatform, coming from an Android development background.

We will cover the deployment of the binary, automating everything with CI, crash reporting, logging, internationalization, and all you need to know to successfully distribute your KMP app.