Thomas Künneth | KotlinConf 2024, May 22–24, Copenhagen
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Thomas Künneth

Thomas Künneth

Senior Android Developer @snappmobile_io

Thomas fell in love with Android in 2009. He has been constantly contributing to the community since then. Thomas loves writing books (four titles, 15 editions) and articles. He enjoys speaking at conferences and meetups. Thomas' first encounter with programming was in the era of home computers during the early 1980s. Later came C, Perl and a few more. During the 90s he wrote a bunch of programs for the Atari ST series. The first decade of Thomas' professional career centered around Java Enterprise. Today it’s all things Android and Kotlin.

There's more than a mouse - how to truly integrate your app on the Desktop

With Compose Multiplatform, it has become easier than ever to bring your apps to the Desktop. However, to achieve a deep integration into the platform, it takes more than porting the UI. Like mobile platforms, the Desktop has unique interaction features, for example drag and drop, file associations, menu bars, system tray, and the system clipboard. Compose Multiplatform assists you in utilizing some of them, but a true integration takes more. This talk identifies Desktop-specific interaction features and explains how to integrate them into your app, using Compose Multiplatform and some additional libraries.