Filip Dolník | KotlinConf 2024, May 22–24, Copenhagen
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Filip Dolník

Filip Dolník

Senior Kotlin Developer at Touchlab

Filip is a Senior Kotlin Developer at Touchlab, specializing in the Kotlin compiler and Gradle. His work revolves around improving the Kotlin Multiplatform developer experience. He is best known as a co-author of SKIE, a compiler plugin that generates a Swift-friendly API for Kotlin Native. With a deep passion for compilers, programming languages, and technology in general, Filip is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the Kotlin ecosystem.

Close the Platform Gap With the “Bad Swift Simulation”

Most Kotlin devs don’t really “know” Swift, they know about it. The Kotlin compiler will export any Kotlin to Swift, but the “magic” is lost along the way.

Good KMP requires understanding bad KMP.

Experience Touchlab’s “Bad Swift Simulation”: Kotlin calling Kotlin through a Swift-like lens. Then learn what to do about it.

In this lab we will:

  • Feel their Pain - Bad Swift is meaningless if you’re not a Swift expert, but bad Kotlin is a different story. See bad KMP with the “BSS”

  • Fix it - using Kotlin best-practice, SKIE and other tools.

  • Incrementally - SKIE changes types. Incremental application is key for existing code.

Follow up this lab with Pamela Hill’s talk “KMP Alchemy” on KMP/Swift interop.

Required reading and prerequisites are posted here: