David Denton | KotlinConf 2024, May 22–24, Copenhagen
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David Denton

David Denton

Engineering Lead // Founder // Trainer // Speaker // Kotlin GDE // Co-creator of http4k

Highly experienced Engineering Lead specialising in TDD, software craft, debt-resolving, mentoring and straight talking.

Particularly specialised with ContinuousDeployment solutions: JVM, JS & a quick study in others. Everything-as-code automation. Build-craft. Refactoring wizard. Legacy-code cleaner.

International speaker. Mentor, Co-founder of Monopolis (https://monopolis.cloud). Co-creator of the popular http4k platform (http://http4k.org) and recognised Kotlin Google Developer Expert.

Kotlin's Elegant Deceptions: Simple APIs, Unusual Tactics

What untapped potential lies within Kotlin for creating APIs that are not just functional, but artfully elegant? Dive into the exploration of Kotlin's innovative methods, beyond conventional usage. Discover the language's blend of elegance and advanced features can enrich and elevate your approach to API development, moving beyond the ordinary towards the extraordinary.

In this talk, we're going to dive into how you can use Kotlin's thoughtful language features to build APIs that are not just good, but great. We'll cover the theory behind each technique and showcase it's use by diving behind the scenes in some established open source projects.

Attendees will gain practical techniques from this session, ready to be applied in their Kotlin projects for immediate impact. The insights into little-known features for API design will empower them to enhance their development work, fostering elegance and efficiency in their APIs from the outset.

Get ready to challenge your usual way of doing things and unlock some seriously innovative programming tricks!