Geoffrey De Smet | KotlinConf 2024, May 22–24, Copenhagen
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Geoffrey De Smet

Geoffrey De Smet

Timefold CTO

Geoffrey De Smet is the creator and lead of Timefold, the open source AI constraint solver for Kotlin or Java. Around the globe, Timefold automatically optimizes vehicle routing, maintenance scheduling, job shop scheduling, employee scheduling and other planning problems. Geoffrey is also an international speaker on planning optimization.

Free the world from wasteful scheduling with Timefold AI

Timefold Solver is an open source library to optimize planning and scheduling problems. It's the continuation of OptaPlanner.

The world is full of planning problems, such as vehicle routing, employee rostering, maintenance scheduling, job shop scheduling and school timetabling. They are “NP-hard”. That’s math speak for “challenging to solve optimally”. In the session, we’ll show you how to solve them easily with Timefold, an Apache Licensed AI solver for Kotlin.

In this session, I'll explain the challenges, discuss the algorithms and live code some of the constraints.