Tor Norbye | KotlinConf 2024, May 22–24, Copenhagen
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Tor Norbye

Tor Norbye

Android Studio Engineering Director

Tor Norbye is the engineering director for Android Studio at Google, and has worked on many of the features in the IDE (and is also the initial author of Android Lint.)

Write your own Kotlin lint checks!

Android Lint is a static analysis tool which supports analyzing Kotlin code, Java code, and soon, KMP.

With 500 built-in checks, it ships with Android Studio and runs in the code editor and as part of the build system and is therefore used by millions of developers. But it's not only used to analyze Android apps and the Android platform; despite the name, it's not actually Android specific -- it's also used to analyze server Kotlin and Java code inside of Google!

In this talk, Tor Norbye will cover the basic features of Android Lint and then show how you can easily extend lint by writing your own checks.