Francesco Guardiani | KotlinConf 2024, May 22–24, Copenhagen
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Francesco Guardiani

Francesco Guardiani

Software Engineer @ Restate

I’m a Software Engineer and OSS enthusiast based in Berlin working at Restate. I love to shape developer experiences and solve complex problems. My main tech stacks are Rust, JVM and Golang. Previously, I worked on Eclipse Vert.x, Apache Flink and Knative

Microservices with Restate and Kotlin

Developing applications in a microservice architecture is hard. For all the benefits that it brings over monolithic application architectures, they expose developers to all sorts of tough distributed systems problems, making it non-trivial to build applications that are consistent, scalable, and resilient. Wouldn't it be great if you could stop worrying about all possible failure scenarios and race conditions such as charging customers twice, users withdrawing more cash than they have, and selling a single ticket multiple times?

In this session, we share ideas from the open source system we are developing, called 'Restate'. Our work is inspired by event-sourcing and stream processing systems, but rethought from the ground up for microservices and workflows. Restate connects services with each other and with other systems, provides durable execution, and manages crucial aspects like reliable messaging, durable timers, failover and consistent state. Moreover, Restate is designed to work out of the box with existing serverless deployment platforms.

Join us for a live demo of a real-world application powered by Restate and Kotlin coroutines and see how patterns that are hard to get right are streamlined into a few lines of code.