Meike Felicia Hammer | KotlinConf 2024, May 22–24, Copenhagen
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Meike Felicia Hammer

Meike Felicia Hammer

Android Lead @ adesso mobile solutions

Meike Felicia Hammer is a Senior Software Engineer at adesso mobile solutions GmbH and is responsible for the Android department. She has been working on mobile app development since 2009 and is regularly pleased with the implementation of related backend-for-frontend systems. Meike Felicia has been a fan of JetBrains, including Kotlin, for a long time. She is also known as the organizer of the Kotlin User Group Karlsruhe and as a speaker at MobileTechCon, Python Summit and KKON.

Diving into Advanced Compose Multiplatform Modifiers and Their Impact on Multiplatform Development

The advent of Compose Multiplatform has fundamentally shifted the landscape of cross-platform UI development, offering developers a declarative framework to simultaneously build intuitive and powerful user interfaces with Kotlin for multiple platforms. A pivotal element within this framework is the Compose Multiplatform Modifier, empowering developers to adjust and extend Multiplatform Composables in a clean and reusable manner. This talk seeks to explore the advanced and innovative uses of Compose Multiplatform Modifiers, providing insights into how they can be leveraged to optimize, streamline, and enhance cross-platform UI development in Kotlin.