Marharyta Nedzelska | KotlinConf 2024, May 22–24, Copenhagen
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Marharyta Nedzelska

Marharyta Nedzelska

Software Engineer @ Sonar

Margarita is a big Kotlin fan and Kotlin GDE. Knows both conference sides: speaking and organizing. Organized a KUG in her native city Kyiv because she believes in Knowledge Sharing and Collective Intelligence. For her everyday job, she's building Static Code Analysis tools for Java/Kotlin/Scala and other languages.

The state of code coverage for Kotlin

Nowadays it’s not anymore a question whether we want to write tests or not. Writing unit tests is not “nice-to-have” it’s an essential part of our everyday job. While that’s already a great step forward, how can we be sure our tests are actually testing something. To check this we all use code coverage tools.

In this presentation you will learn how code coverage for Kotlin works, which tools we can use and what are the challenges and limitations of various approaches. You will learn the difference between line, instruction and condition coverage and how to read and interpret coverage results in Kotlin.

In the last part of this presentation we will cover the future for Kotlin Code Coverage, what is missing and what can be improved in the future.